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Madrid and International

Commercial Director

Arancha González

Advertising Director, Weekly magazine

Eugenia Recio

Director of Advertising, Fashion

Patricia López

Deputy Director: Multi-Media and International Representation

Fernando Vega

Deputy Director, Hola Media International

Antonello Lodoletti

Director of Programmatic Advertising

Rosa Bernardo

Advertising Executives

Paula García

Marta Zamora

Paula García Andújar

Haizea Gogenola

Noelia Bardón

Chiara Balzarotti

Advertising Co-ordinators

Cristina Millás

María Jesús Golpe

Rosa Ruiz


Head of Advertising

Antonio Vilana

Deputy Director of Advertising, Weekly magazine

Georgina Pares

Deputy Director of Advertising, Fashion and

Laura Meler

Advertising Co-ordinator, Barcelona

Carmen Bel